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whole-food-lady-nutrition-footerWe create custom cakes that are truly centerpieces for any special occasion or event.

Each of our custom cakes are hand crafted and 100% edible. We welcome and encourage our customers to inspire us to create one of a kind works of art. Our cakes may not appear edible, but we assure you, the taste is just as amazing as the design!

What sets us apart from other wonderful bakeries? We believe it is our commitment to excellence, not just in appearance, but in using only the best quality ingredients we can source. We will not use artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives in your product and we offer a full line of allergen free desserts as well! All of our cakes are always nut, milk, soy and corn free and icings and fillings can be created dairy free as well. We invite you to give our products as try, and we promise not to disappoint.

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Whole Food Lady Desserts, LLC has been featured on The View, News Channel 8, Kiwi Magazine, and Brides Magazine

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Barbara Walters, Joshua Rosenthal, Whoopie Goldberg, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have enjoyed Whole Food Lady cakes.

My Story

Dawn Gullusci

Dawn Gullusci

Hello, I’m Dawn Gullusci, Creator of Whole Food Lady Nutrition and Desserts.  I created this business in 2009 while experiencing my own personal battle with food allergies and sensitivities. I was raised in an Italian family and have a great adoration for all things food and dessert! 😉

I’d spent most of my life feeling ill with digestive, skin and mood swing issues, however, I never attributed them to my diet . I was overweight, sluggish, had joint pain, skin rashes, sleep apnea, elevated liver enzymes, high cholesterol, anxiety, and constipation. I was a mess!

In 2008 that all changed.  I decided that I needed to lose a little weight, so I tried the ever popular “South Beach Diet”. I didn’t lose much weight, but I noticed that a lot of my chronic aches and pains began to subside. I decided to look further into this phenomenon and found  that I was severely gluten intolerant. I was equal parts excited to feel well again a bit angry that I had lived so sick for so long!

I love to cook and bake, so I immediately began experimenting with recipes. I became a nutritionist shortly after finding out that I had a problem with food allergies. My knowledge and degree in Nutrition has helped me to create a line of products that is virtually identical to it’s gluten filled counterpart! While becoming a baker has not done much for my figure… it has made many people, with or without food allergies, very, very happy!

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