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"What you are searching for is already inside you" Rumi


About Us

Hello! My name is Dawn Gullusci. I am a certified natural food coach, teacher and chef.  I began my business in 2008 after discovering the immense impact certain foods had on my overall health. I suffered most of my life with "mystery" illnesses that I later discovered were mostly food related.  It wasn't until much later in 2016, after going through a major life upheaval, that I came to realize there is no better time to practice self love, by listening to your body, than in times of stress and transition.  During hardship, divorce, separation, personal loss, death of a loved one or financial stress, we are more likely to make poor choices that often end up worsening and prolonging our suffering.  I can show you how to navigate these difficult times and help you ease into healing through learning the true art of self love. 


 Healing begins with a single choice... I look forward to working with you

 on your journey toward peace, love and joy! 

Nutrition Education

I offer personal coaching on diet and lifestyle for health, weigh loss, weight management and times of stressful life transitions.

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Cooking Instruction

One on One cooking lessons in the privacy of your own home are fun and educational. I also teach cooking classes for groups, parties and corporate events.

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Grocery Store tours and pantry makeovers

Go on a fun and educational tour of your favorite grocery store as we learn how to shop and read lables for optimum health. Your family will thank you as you will learn how to substitute their favorite brands with much healthier versions without compromising the flavor! 

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What our customers are saying

"Dawn'sā€‹ nutrition advice has helped me lose over 25lbs and stop 

ā€‹most of my chronic aches and pains"

Julie Bryner

"Take a cooking class with Whole Food Lady!!!! It's so much fun! We had a dinner party cooking class with couples for our wedding anniversary and the food was amazing and we all learned how to prepare 3 new dishes!

 I LOVE her!!!!"

Charlotte McWade

"Doing a grocery store tour and pantry makeover was one of the best things I ever did for my family. At first I was so skeptical that my children would eat the new foods that I was buying, but Dawn taught me that we didn't need to compromise the taste in order to remove the toxins from our foods. My kids love the new foods I am buying and I'm now confident that I am feeding my family the best possible food choices."

Sarah Medena

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