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Body, Mind and Soul

What We Do

We are a one stop shopping resource for all your wellness needs. 

 Whether you are looking for counseling, specialized diets, cooking instruction, 

grocery store tours or learning to read labels properly, you will never find 

yourself at a loss for how to progress on your journey toward health!

Through the practice of listening to your body's messages, you will experience weight loss, mental and emotional clarity, ease of pain and chronic conditions and a 

balance of health and joy that you never thought possible.

We are a wealth of resources, please tell us what you are looking for and we have the very BEST referrals for you. We have done our homework and put together a list of practitioners that we work with personally.  We feel confidant they will further assist you toward 

your journey of optimal health.

Higher Brain Living

Feel the bliss of living in the highest form of yourself. Learn to access your higher brain and begin manifesting all your desires! It truly is magical.

Contact Laura at (914) 943-1630


Scott Simerman is much more than a chiropractor, he is a true healer in every sense of the word. He will transform your health to a level that you have never known! Set up an appointment today:

(914) 381-4777

Therapy and

 Energy Work

Therapists alike know how to listen to you speak, but not all can give honest, helpful and spiritual advice that truly can help and guide you toward healing. From trauma to life transitions, Lisa will assist you along your journey like no one else can! Call her today : (203) 339-2115

Phychic and Tarot Reading

Would you like a little guidance on what is in store for your future? We are great believers in the idea that much of your life is planned before your birth, visit Kimberly at Chrystal Visions in Sherman, CT for a personalized reading that will blow your mind!

(860) 210-9897

Massage Therapy

Call for referalls….. We work with several practitioners in and around the area.

Space Transformation 

and Design

Transform your physical space through design and feng shui. Feel your best when you walk into your living space and make it your palace. Contact talented designer Michael James for a consult today:


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